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The Witches of Arbor
Book Two




     The burning of Arbor, and the hate that fueled it, stole much from Evangeline Clarion, but the fiery artist and elemental witch survived the flames of fanaticism. With the help of her familiar, coven, and the two people she loves most, Eva opens the art gallery of her dreams on Samhain. As Eva wades into her first holiday season as the director of the Manor Arts and high priestess of the Witches of Arbor coven, her conflicted heart struggles between her loves – the dashing, mercurial Alexander, and the alluring, ethereal beauty Celeste.

     When Arbor’s affable new mayor hires an architecture firm run by a dangerously stunning mother-daughter duo – with their own unique magic and an old score to settle – to oversee the downtown’s reconstruction, chaos descends upon the vulnerable community, and Eva and the Witches of Arbor are once again called upon to protect those who spurn them. Yet jealousy, vengeance, and an unforeseen foe with a ravenous hunger for power brings Eva to her knees. With the aid of her familiar, coven, a few unexpected allies, and the magic within her, Eva must survive the holidays, reconcile her heart, and summon the power to rise again.


Early praise for Arbor’s Descent:

“Arbor’s Descent is the captivating and spellbinding sequel in the Witches of Arbor Series. It’s hard not to cheer for the mystical Eva as she steps further into her world and continues to embrace her magic within. Good luck catching your breath as you join her in her newest adventures!" - Melanie Wilbur, Witch, Cabot Priestess, and proprietor of Cerridwen’s Hearth, a magickal shop in Mount Holly, NJ

”J.L. Brown’s descriptions are phenomenal and wisk you away to the town of Arbor. You truly feel like you’re in the room with Evangeline, Alexander, and Celeste. If you’re anything like me each page will have you needing answers at all hours of the night!” - Hasan Trower LMT MMP RM, Witch and owner of Phoenix Fire Wholistics

"Arbor’s Descent begins with the lush, fantastically magical Samhain Festival at Morgan Manor, before journeying through steamy love triangles into a world of betrayal, secrets, and murder. In this sequel to The Burning of Arbor, JL Brown calls upon her talent for creating memorable characters--animal and human alike--and evoking suspense to weave a tale you won’t want to put down. I give four paws up for Arbor’s Descent!" – Loring Slivinski, Artist, and Author of The Lost Isle of Ilien.

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